MGB GT V8  Wiring Loom

The main  fuse box has been moved under the dashboard and updated with a modern blade type.  The original 4 way fuse box was replaced with a 6 blade unit to allow for the twin outputs on  the original box. 

wiring-mainfuse1.jpg (31343 bytes)

Wiring Diagram for Updated and relocated main fuse box 

 The rear loom which normally runs through the engine bay, has been re-routed  through the transmission tunnel behind console.  I have used staggered 2 wire connectors to make feeding them through the holes a lot easier.

wiring-centre1.jpg (23541 bytes)

A relayed power distribution point was built for the left-hand side behind the glove box, to feed the lighting circuits, fans, amp, fuel pump and ECU.  The 4 way main fuse distribution is used instead of the usual eye ring pickups off the starter relay, so a separate feed from the battery feeds the starter motor. Apparently this is advisable on modern electrics as wires that run close to the starter can suffer from induced currents which may spike sensitive equipment such as my management system.

wiring-relays1.jpg (34248 bytes)wiring-left1.jpg (31187 bytes)

Wiring Diagram for Relayed Power Distribution Point

The main loom feed now comes from one of the outputs from the 4 way distribution block and the alternator charging circuit feeds back to the battery through here.

footwell.JPG (44655 bytes)

Finished footwell

This has reduced the original wiring in the engine bay to a bare minimum.

enginebay1.jpg (22507 bytes)

A battery cut-off switch has been fitted in the transmission tunnel and from here the main battery feed splits separately to the starter and loom.

 wiring-tunnel1.jpg (54475 bytes)

A new steering column from a Rover 400 has been fitted with its modern type switch gear, again this will involve a major re-wire to relocate the lighting and wiper circuit from the dash to the column.

wiring-mess.jpg (27238 bytes)

Loom separated and individually labeled. Patience is a virtue here!